AMI Montessori 6-12 Orientation Course

Course Information


The aim of the orientation course is to familiarize interested adults with the foundations of Montessori education for children from 6-12 years.

Open to All!

The course is aimed at teachers, parents and those interested in Montessori education for the 6 to 12 year old child. The course is open to all.

The course serves as an introduction to Montessori principles and practice – for assistants who work in a Montessori class, for the school management and parents who would like to support the work of the AMI Montessori teacher in the class.

The course is presented in German with translation to French.

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Course Dates – Orientation Course 6-12

Module 1: 05.11. – 07.11.2021 (on site or online)
Module 2: 03.12. – 05.12.2021 (on site or online)
Module 3: 07.01. – 09.01.2022 (on site or online)
Module 4: 14.01. – 16.01.2022 (on site)

Course Times – Orientation Course 6-12

Friday: 15:30 – 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 17:30
Sunday: 09:00 – 13:30

The course includes:

  • The life and work of Dr Maria Montessori
  • Introduction to Montessori Theory
  • The Prepared Environment for children from 6-12 years
  • The Work Plan for the Primary School Age Child
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • How to support the Child
  • How to support the Teacher

Recommended Reading:

Dr Maria Montessori To Educate the Human Potential

Dr Maria Montessori The Formation of Man

Dr Maria Montessori Education and Peace

Books are available from

Course Requirements

  • Total of 60 hours 
  • 90% Attendance at lectures
  • 9 hours Observation in a Montessori school
  • 3 Written papers of around 500 words

The course requirements and homework will be fully explained to you by the lecturer during the course.

Course Fee

CHF 1’250.00


AMI TrainerCordula Arana Lehrer
LecturerAndrea Helfenstein
LecturerRenée Classen

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Course location:

Alte Landstrasse 153
CH-8706 Meilen