Andrea Helfenstein

Andrea Helfenstein is a qualified Primary School (Elementary) teacher in Switzerland. She completed the AMI Montessori Diploma for Special Education for the 3 to 6 year old child in Munich, Germany, AMI Diploma 6-12 in Bergamo, Italy and the AMI 3-6 Diploma also in Munich.

Ms Helfenstein is currently undertaking the AMI Training of Trainers programme at the 6-12 age level. Her pedagogical experience includes working with children in public schools, with special needs, and in a variety of different Montessori schools, with children from 3-12 years.

“If in an educational approach one takes the child as a guide, it is obvious that the educator is led by the child instead of by preconceptions and prejudices. In fact it is the child himself who will be the guide of education.”

(Dr Maria Montessori, The Four Planes of education, page 3)