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december 2021

No Events

january 2022

15janAll DayCultural ExplorationsPart 4: Music, World of Animals and PlantsEvent-Typ:Workshop-SerieGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:3-6

29janAll DaySettling-in and home visitingEvent-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:0-3

february 2022

05febAll DayCultural ExplorationsPart 5: Geography, Experiments, HistoryEvent-Typ:Workshop-SerieGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:3-6

12febAll DayLateral entry in a Montessori primaryEvent-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:6-12

14febAll DayAMI 6-12 Diploma CourseDuration: November 2021 - October 2023Event-Typ:AMI CourseGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:6-12

19febAll DayLow frustration toleranceImpulsiveness, distractibility, low frustration tolerance in children. What next? How to act?Event-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:0-3,3-6,6-12

march 2022

05marAll DayVisual Arts and DesignEvent-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:6-12

26marAll DayMontessori at Home 0-3Event-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:Parents, grandparents, nannies & other caregivers,TeachersAltersgruppe:0-3

april 2022

30aprAll DayMaterial makingMaterial making for infants and toddlersEvent-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:Parents, grandparents, nannies & other caregivers,TeachersAltersgruppe:0-3

may 2022

07mayAll DayMontessori at Home 3-6Event-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:Parents, grandparents, nannies & other caregivers,TeachersAltersgruppe:3-6

21mayAll DayMaths MaterialWhich maths material matches to the developmental stage of each child?Event-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:6-12

21mayAll DayThe importance of preliminary exercisesStarting the school year and the importance of preliminary exercisesEvent-Typ:WorkshopGeeignet für:TeachersAltersgruppe:3-6

june 2022

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july 2022

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august 2022

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september 2022

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october 2022

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november 2022

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