Workshop: Impulsiveness, distractibility, low frustration tolerance in children. What next? How to act?

Course content
Executive functions guide our thinking, actions and behavior. Targeted support is of central importance – especially in the case of challenging behavior, hyper-sensitivity, low frustration tolerance or symptoms typical for ADHD such as inattention or impulsivity. In this workshop, speaker Wolfgang Maier shows practical examples for everyday life with concrete possibilities for action from the fields of behavioral therapy (behavior analysis, reinforcer conditions), learning psychology (learning from consequences, from role models and through insight) and neurophysiology (EEG neurofeedback/biofeedback).

Course participants
This workshop is aimed at parents as well as interested teachers. 

Course dates
Saturday February 19, 2022

Course participation is possible both online and on-site.
Montessori CH Ausbildungszentrum, Alte Landstrasse 153, 8706 Meilen

The workshop is presented in German with translation to English.

Course Cost
CHF 180.-

The workshop is held by Wolfgang Maier
Wolfgang Maier, remedial teacher and neuropsychologist, moves in different disciplines. In public, vocational and public schools, he helps children, adolescents, their teachers and families to understand the symptoms of a limitation or behavioural disorder and looks for ways to ensure that the children are not put at a disadvantage in their school and professional environment. Based on his experience as a Montessori teacher, he has realised that the Montessori system can help children with special needs if multimodal therapy approaches are used in parallel. He uses behavioural therapy measures as well as body-centred methods, including bio/neurofeedback. Since the topic of media is present in everyday family life, Mr Maier outlines in a “6-step plan for successful media education” how parents can take concrete action in everyday life.

The workshop will be held with a minimum of 7 participants.
Information concerning whether the course will take place will follow one week before the workshop.

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