Workshop: Cultural Explorations

Course participants
This workshop is aimed at teachers. The course content is meant for the Children’s House (ages 3-6).

The course parts can be taken individually or together. The theory part (part 1) is not compulsory, but is highly recommended to get a good start in the workshops. 

Course dates

Part 1 (ONLINE)Theory for parts 2-5Wed, September 29, 2021
Part 2 (on site)HandcraftsSat, October 30, 2021
Part 3 (on site)ArtSat, November 13, 2021
Part 4 (on site)Music, World of Animals and PlantsSat, January 15, 2022
Part 5 (on site)Geography, Experiments, HistorySat, February 5, 2022

Course content Part 1 – Theory

  • Theoretical introduction to Cultural Exploration (also known as Cultural and Sensorial Extensions
  • An overview of the upcoming 4 workshops
  • The importance of this discovery for the child
  • What belongs in the child’s home, what belongs in school? And why?
  • The link to cosmic education, which takes place in the 6-12 age group

Course content Part 2 – Handcrafting

  • Historical foundations of needlework
  • Connections to cultural discovery 
  • How to present handwork in the children’s house (Montessori Kindergarten)
  • Importance of movement analysis and fine motor skills
  • Seasonal changes – when and how to rotate materials
  • Analysis of movement, hand skills and how to
  • Practical skills and techniques
  • The opportunity to share your own experience and learn from others

Montessori CH Ausbildungszentrum, Alte Landstrasse 153, 8706 Meilen

The workshop is presented in German with translation to English.

Course Fee

45chf for the Online Theory Lecture

180chf per day for part 2, 3, 4, 5

You may enrol for as many days as you wish.

Apply for the course here.