Training Course for Elementary Teachers for the child from the age 6-12

To work as a Montessori teacher it is important to have advanced education or training, such as:


- a qualification like an university entrance exam

- a finished apprenticeship

- a successful completion of at least the first part of a teacher training college

- a university degree in pedagogy or psychology


Along with the school and work diplomas, applicants must also submit recommendation letters from three different people, that can judge the applicants professional abilities. The admission into the course will be based on these documents, the recommendation letters and the extensive interview.


Normally, there is a requirement for a state license in teaching to be able to teach at a Montessori school after completing the course.

Even though this state license is not a requirement for being admitted to the course, but we encourage applicants to check this fact before taking the course in order to avoid running into difficulties later on.