It is the objective of an AMI Montessori training course to prepare adults for the task of helping children develop to the fullness of their individual human potential. It is the responsibility of a Montessori teacher to prepare a suitable learning environment which serves to expand a child's knowledge in all areas of learning through the child's own exploration and discoveries.


Freedom or choice of an activity brings forth an excitement for learning which a child never loses later in life.


Mixed age groups allow children to experience a sense of community in an atmosphere of cooperative learning. This was Dr. Maria Montessori's vision of "Education for peace".


This course is an AMI accredited course. The guidelines of the course ande the conditions correspond with the requirements of AMI. At the end of the course the students will receive the internationally AMI diploma.


In order to be able to work in a Montessori institution the recipient of a Montessori diploma is also required to be in possession of a state recognized degree for the particular age group as stated on the diploma.