These lectures focus on the essential concept of Montessori education as "aid to life". The course contents include:



Montessori philosophy:

- child development

- building the human personality

- the laws of psychological growth

- the successive phases of develo-  

  pement and their characteristics


Montessori theory:

- the role and attitude of the Montes-

  sori teacher

- the preparation of a Montessori en-


- along with the integrated study of

  how to develop each child's poten-



Supervised Practice

Students are given the chance to discover and questin, through their own individual experience, the use of Montessori materials and equipment.


Supervised Tutorials

Students are encouraged to bring together theory and practice trough stimulating discussion and a lively exchange of ideas.


Written Assignements

All students compile a personal record describing Montessori materials and how they are used.

In addition they prepare an Observation Journal, and hand in other written work as required during their Course of Study.


Experience in a Montessori Children's House

Students observe the Montessori approach in action in a selcted AMI school and go in teaching practice that is an essential element of the course.


Course language

The lectures will be held in German and English.