AMI Montessori 3-6 Orientation Course

New course format
The orientation course (formerly assistant course) now consists of two parts. This allows the different needs of different prospective students to be better accommodated and met.
This new format has been developed and certified by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

Part 1
Orientation Course
OnlineTheory: Introduction to the Montessori philosophy, basics of Montessori education

Course content
AMI Certificate Orientation Course
Part 2, option 1 Assistant CourseOn sitePractice: Implementation of the theory in the classroom

Course content
AMI Certificate Assistant Course
Part 2, option 2 Parent CourseOn sitePractice: Implementation of the theory at home

Course content
Certificate of participation from Montessori CH

The following course combinations are possible:
Part 1 only: graduation with an AMI certificate for the orientation course.
Part 1 and part 2: graduation with an AMI certificate for the orientation course and the assistant course

Course dates Part 1 Orientation Course | Fall 2023 (online)

Tue. 03.10.2023 / Thurs. 05.10.2023 / Fri. 06.10.202318.00-21.00
Tue. 24.10.2023 / Thurs. 26.10.2023 / Fri. 27.10.202318.00-21.00
Sat. 28.10.202308.30-12.00
Thurs. 09.11.2023 / Fr.i 10.11.202318.00-21.00
Sat. 11.11.202308.30-12.00
Mon. 13.11.2023 / Tue. 14.11.2023 / Thurs. 16.11.202318.00-21.00
=40 hours of attendance time (online)
Additionally 5 hours are to be fulfilled individually as assignments

Course dates Part 2: Assistant Course | Spring 2023 (on site)
Please note that the course dates have changed

Fri 02.06.202308.30-16.30
Sat 03.06.202308.30-16.30
Sun 04.06.202309.00-16.00
= 20 hours

Course dates Part 2: Assistant Course | Fall 2023 (on site)

Sat. 09.12.202308.30-16.30
Sun. 10.12.202308.30-16.30
= 14 hours

Course costs
Part 1, Orientation Course: CHF 980.-
Part 2, Assistant Course: CHF 380.-

Trainer: Mariza Hefty
Mariza Hefty is a certified early childhood educator, kindergarten teacher and completed her AMI 3-6 diploma in Munich. She has been working with children for more than 20 years; first in daycare centers, later in her own daycare center and now for 10 years in various Montessori Children’s Houses. She is a mother of now adult twins and currently works at the Rietberg Montessori School in Zurich. In a small stint she is a lecturer at the vocational schools in Zurich and Lucerne for the training to become a childcare specialist and is in the AMI Trainer of Training program to become a trainer for the AMI trainings 3-6. She has assisted and translated the last three AMI 3-6 diploma courses.

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